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DINING TABLES - We still highly recommend booking a table, even if it is on the same day... As we have far less tables than we used to have and we are still limiting the flow of people into the building at any time, our capacity is about 50% of previously. Booking is so simple by clicking here and instantly confirmed so why wouldn't you?

If you want to sit outside in the alfresco area just state "outside if nice" when booking, and as long as the weather is good we will move you outside on the day!

DRINKS ONLY - There is no need to book inside or out. We will take your details on arrival for track and trace, inside is full table service, for outside we have a deck order point at the bar.


Please adhere to government guidelines when booking with us, that is only members of 2 households can join together (except when part of a support bubble).

Please arrive on time as the bar area is not open as normal there is no waiting area so please do not arrive early, we are one of the few who have extended our table time allocations so there is no rush for you to leave. If you are running late please give us a call so we can let you know when we can next accommodate your arrival as we have strict numbers of people arriving per 15 minutes to manage the flow and minimise queues.

Please keep your distance from our team, other guests and any person who does not live in your household. We have worked hard to provide an environment where social distancing can be maintained. Remember it is still 2 metres wherever you can.

Enjoy yourself - all measures we have put in place have been considered using our two key objectives - ensuring the safety of our guests and delivering the full Throckmorton experience

Pay contactless where possible the limit is now £45 for contactless payments, where your bill is more than £45 we would prefer card payments but if not possible we will accept cash! Tips for the team are shared between them in exactly the same way whether they are paid cash or card.

If you are feeling unwell please stay at home we have made massive efforts to make The Throckmorton Covid secure, so please don’t risk it, just save your visit for another day

If you see anything you don’t like please tell us, we have put a lot of planning into our safety measures, team training and our Covid Secure risk assessment. But despite our mass of experience, this is our first time opening in a global pandemic. So if you see something not right please tell the team member managing the shift or email Sally and Dave and we will fix it.


We have put a lot of measures into place, remember a lot of these are temporary while we get back on our feel and get a feel for how a Covid secure world looks. The full details of our measures can be found in our Covid Secure risk assessment, but as a summary of the key differences since your pre lockdown visit, for an explanation please view our questions section:

Tables are spread out meaning there will be less people in the Throckmorton when you visit.

Our team are washing or sanitising their hands between serving every table.

Table service only - We will serve all food and drinks to your table whether you are dining with us or just in for a coffee. We don’t have an app for you to order by but we will try to minimise the amount of time at the table.

One way system enter as normal, we will show you where to exit to maintain distancing.

Limiting arrivals, it is no secret that restaurants usually stagger their arrivals to maximise the number of people in the building throughout the day. This has now been changed to stagger arrivals slowly and equally to minimise queuing and ensure distancing. This may mean the popular booking times get booked up very quickly, please bear with us and book slightly earlier or later.

Much more cleaning despite our usual rigorous cleaning regimes we will be increasing sanitising of any touch points, that is door handles, toilets, card machines, salt and peppers on the table.

Limited toilets our toilets (and entrance to) are a real hotspot for people bumping into each other - initially we will be reducing the number of toilets in use to manage this so you may be asked to queue for a short time.

Maximum table size is 6 - we have spent a lot of time rearranging the tables so for the meantime no tables will be pushed together or moved. Plus as only two households can join together at the moment anyway.

Hand sanitiser stations are available on entry/exit and throughout the building.

Distancing behind the scenes has been implemented, our team have undergone training, are all aware of the Covid secure risk assessment and know the parts that are relevant to their role.

Shortened food service hours Monday to Thursday 9-2.30pm/5-9pm; Friday and Saturday 9-9pm; Sunday 9-8pm


We are happy to share all measures that we have put in place. You can download our full covid secure risk assessment here


So we have anticipated some of your questions here, if your question is not answered please email us and we will reply to you and pop it on the website

Q. Can I book outside?

A. Absolutely, we don’t have the best beer garden in Warwickshire for nothing! Just book a table inside but clearly state in the notes you want to be outside if nice. Then assuming the weather is good on the day you will be seated outside in our alfresco area where full table service is available as always.

Q. What about PPE?

A. We have not made it a requirement for any team to use PPE where they would not normally need it for the task they are completing. The focus is on distancing and cleaning - this is in line with government guidelines and the comments from our team and our guest survey completed in June. Our team are allowed to wear face coverings if they wish but have to manage them in very stringent ways. Both gloves and face coverings can increase spread of viruses unless managed correctly.

Q. Why can’t we book a table for more than 6 people, we have two big households who would like to meet?

A. If you have visited us on a busy Sunday before you will have seen tables being moved around, pushed together and travelling around the dining room (usually above Dave’s head!). For the moment all tables will stay put so we know they are maintaining distancing and reducing touch points.

Q. Why are you talking about 2 metres? Boris says 1 metre is ok?

A. The advice is still very much maintain 2 metres distance whenever you can. We have worked to this but fully appreciate that this will not be possible in all areas and at all times. Where impossible we have focused on cleaning, sanitisation and the time spent at close quarters.

Q. Why aren’t we using an app to order?

A. As an independent business we do not have the technology already in place. The main reason that we haven’t ever gone down this avenue is we feel that our team looking after you at the table is a massive part of The Throckmorton experience.

Hopefully you are happy we have taken extraordinary measures to both ensure your safety while maintaining The Throckmorton experience, if so book a table now!